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About Nearest Airport (NRST) for Apple iWatch

You're flying along. Something unexpected happens. You need to land immediately or soon, but you are unfamiliar with the area and your sectional is out of reach. Fortunately, you are wearing your Apple iWatch with the latest version of the Nearest Airport app (NRST) by Green Banana Solutions. In seconds, the NRST app locates the nearest airports sorted by distance. The scrolling list of airports is color coded to indicate whether towered or un-towered, and private or public. Details in this list include the distance, magnet heading to, and field elevation of each airport. You look at your iWatch and select an airport. Additional details about the airport's runways and communication frequencies is displayed. You get the ATIS, contact the tower, and enter the pattern for the selected runway. In the end, you land safely thanks to your training, experience, and a little help from Green Banana Solutions.

And, coming soon, Aviation Bugs! Aviation bugs allows one to store multiple sets of headings, altitudes, and frequencies for communications and navigation, so pilots may quickly reference ATC clearances and pilot created waypoints.

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